AmpliTube CS

AmpliTube CS review

AmpliTube CS may not have the best effects when it comes to live performances. Though when it comes to two-track recording capabilities, the app presents great features which would assist amateur and budding songwriters and producers. 

For a mobile app, AmpliTube CS provides powerful Live Mode, integrated I/O iRig Stomp and expanded 2-track recorder. This makes it the perfect tool for your recording and amateur live sets without the need for expensive audio equipment. 


The app connects your phone through an IK interface such as iRig 2 or iRig HD to your real audio equipment. 

The main features which we tested on this app include: 

  • 7 different Stompbox effects, 3 speaker cabinets, 2 mics, 3 amplifiers, Drummer Rock Groove and expanded 2 Track recorder. 
  • Great gear packs and a massive library collection from some of the world’s leading suppliers and best brands like Ampeg, Mesa Engineering (metal) Marshall (lead), ENGL, Vox (crunch) and Fender (clean). 
  • Professional virtual rendering environment with powerful sound engines.
  • Super Looper provides different loops in case you decide to get creative. 
  • Song learning with variable speed and voice limiting. 
  • Basic editing features like trimming audio, moving tracks and copy-pasting.


The app is quite comprehensive and provides very responsive features which is great for a mobile sound app. The setup process is quite simple, and it’s easy to learn or practice using this app. A few customers complained about the app being a bit laggy especially when they were using powerful tuners. The features are quite detailed, and you get over 100 gear models with this app. The drum loops also sync effectively with the track recorder. We do wish they could include tutorial files for new users of this app because it is incredibly detailed, although the song learning tool more than covers for this. For greater DAW capabilities, you may need an actual PC.

You’ll require at least iOS 10.0 or later for this app, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There is no Android-compatible version.


While AmpliTube CS might not be the app for professional players and bands looking to do live sets with very high quality, it still works great for amateur players and those looking to do practice sessions without the need for very expensive equipment. With its comprehensive feature list, we definitely recommend it. 

Interface and Design 7
Key Functions 9
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 8