Best Apps 2020: from TikTok to Telegram

During the 2020 lockdown period, we were not allowed any offline social pursuits. Because of this, our smartphone became the key tool that was encouraging our regular lives and interests. For mobile apps, this year has brought unique possibilities in addition to challenges.

Some statistical information of the most well-known programs of the season is remarkable.  Offered by Sensor Tower, a trusted supply of cellular application metrics employed by top companies, state associations, and start-ups, the best graph of the downloadable mobile applications may appear astonishing to you!

Top 10 Non-Game Programs 

From January until August 2020, TikTok was the most downloadable program in the Apple Store and Google Play.  However, it made a step down to allow the video streaming Zoom app to acquire the chart in April.  WhatsApp started to shed its second place in April to get the fifth position in August.  Facebook has been more or less stable and finished in August with line number three.  Instagram also confronted some ups and downs but finally arrived at the fourth position.  Messenger dropped in the fifth place to the eighth birthday, while YouTube abandoned the top-10 list in March. 

As for the newcomers, fantastic Zoom hit on the chart in March, winning the next position, and in August, it already placed second.  As we mentioned previously, April made Zoom the very downloadable app in the world.  Google Meet joined the most well-known business program in June since the sixth and maintained this position until August.  Interestingly, Telegram occupies August's last place, which makes you wonder where it will move later on.

Billion Revenues of Gambling Publishers

Game downloads additionally scored spectacular results.  Individuals installed games of various genres, enjoying strategic, battle royale, and simple slots.  From the fifth position in January, PUBG Mobile attained the next position in May and left the August graph.  Talking Tom Friends created by Outfit7 was able to stay the very popular game in June and July, ending with number seven in August. The gambling companies inhabited the first six areas in the top-20 revenue expansion checklist, with almost $1 billion in annual revenues for its quarter.  Imagine this information includes only downloads from the official shops and no immediate link setups.  Though gaming programs showed the greatest gains, games with social interaction as Roblox (sandbox genre) and Fortnite (battle royale) had excellent financial results. 

Google is the Top Publisher

During the last six months, we shifted our attitude toward cellular devices.  Since we appreciate smartphones for their applications, the global program downloads increased dramatically throughout the April-June period.  Sports, navigation, and tourist programs resigned, making way for educational, communicational, wellbeing, and business-oriented 2020 programs.  Zoom reached about thirty million installments in the next quarter, making its way nearer to the epic TikTok and WhatsApp.  Still, Google remains the top publisher of software that people install not just as a result of growing Google Meet and Google Classroom, but largely because of the irreplaceable YouTube, Chrome, and Google Maps.