Zoom Meeting: How to Instantly Change Your Name in Your Phone

Embarrassing situations may occur in Zoom meetings as a number of our offices transferred residence when the lockdown phase started.  Your children and pets (and sometimes other family members) can cause you to feel awkward throughout your corporate video call.  We want to share some ideas on preventing them.  Specifically, we'll discuss the easy steps on the best way best to alter the name in Zoom (your other participants' ones) even during the Zoom session directly out of your smartphone.

Before the Session

You'll Have time to do the next (the Android and iOS menus seem exactly the same):

  • Open the Zoom program.
  • Tap on Settings to Enter the 'My Profile' menu.
  • Change your name in the 'Screen Name' box.
  • Another choice is to change your name in the Zoom house display's name box directly before joining the meeting.  

Hopefully, you will not be in a hurry and put the letters in the correct order. 

During the Session

Quite often a lot of us come across the question of 'How do I change my name in Zoom?'  You need not panic and you should follow these quick steps:

  • At the bottom right, you will realize the 'Participants' button. Tap it.
  • Find your current name, tap it, and pick the'Rename' option. 

Beware to hit 'Raise Hand' button instead!

Whenever You're Hosting an Event

If you'll be hosting a meeting, you will have to alter the titles of participants, then go into the 'Participants' button, then press it, and then pick the 'Rename' option.  Suppose you wish to disable participants out of renaming themselves in your meetings. In that case, you can place this in the basic assembly settings, but this may be achieved while using the desktop version only.  Consequently, don't be shocked if you won't have the ability to modify your name as your Zoom assembly host doesn't permit it. 

The Same Menus for the OS

A very simple but essential feature of altering the name throughout the video or audio conference makes Zoom application competitive with such brands as Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.  We expect that the easy actions described above will be of help your company life.  The menus in your Apple smartphone will appear exactly the same as in the Android device, so don't hesitate to apply our guide on both operating systems.