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Clash of Clans review

Supercell studio is famous for its bestsellers, and Clash of all Clans isn't an exception. You'll surely like this game if you're a fan of tactical games. Additionally, programmers did massive work and added as much content as it's possible.

What makes this game so intriguing?

Clash of all Clans is a sport that has been popular in a short time, and now more than 500 million people have downloaded it just on Android apparatus! Developers made a gorgeous world with mystical animals and characters. The objective of this game is simple. We should also notice that you won't play with Clash of Clans with no online Connection. It is an internet game. Here you will fight with other gamers all around the globe. Developers provided their players with a chance to produce clans. It's possible to unite many players in one clan, then declare war against another clan. Players might have to take part in battles to secure more scores for the clan they are fighting in.

The concept is simple. You begin with a small village. You must upgrade your village. In the event, the enemy destroys it - you lose the battle. For example, you can purchase a fence and upgrade it to a maximum degree Therefore, it would be more difficult for the opponent to break it. However, the fly components can easily cross the fence. There are loads of units which can help you in safeguarding the village. In terms of the assault system, you'll have to recruit units. It's hard to say just how many components programmers have added.

Graphics in Clash of all Clans are beautiful. Even though the game was released in 2012, Supercell studio produced the 3D graphics that appear fascinating. It is also worth mentioning that Clash of Clans uses a high view. Textures and sport versions are profoundly detailed.

Our View 5/5

We advise you to download Clash of Clans. This is an excellent tactical game that will develop your strategic skills. The gameplay is gripping. As a bonus, you play against real players. The controls are simple to comprehend. The picture is bright, colorful, and nicely detailed. It is possible to download Clash of all Clans on Android and iOS apparatus.

Graphics 5
Sound 5
Gameplay 5
Lasting Appeal 5


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