Coin Master

Coin Master review

Coin Master is a Facebook game making you engaged in various activities: attacks, raids, and building of your marvelous Viking village. Do your best to create the most prosperous settlement and defense it from enemies. The main element of the game is a slot machine that is why there are some alarms. Some parents think it encourages gambling for children. But indeed this is a funny game without any threats if time spent on playing and in-app purchases are under parental control.

Graphics: 10/10

Graphics are really nice. You will admire cute characters, picturesque scenes against the background, funny maps showing you the path to explore new worlds. Design is not realistic or extremely detailed, but it is made with a sense of humor and love.

Controls: 10/10

Controls are responsive and easy to apply. You will navigate across the game with easy tapping or swiping. Simple as it is. There is a tutorial which explains the principle of the game.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10

Here you will know what you are expected to do to become the next Coin Master. You will learn to travel through time and magical worlds, fight with enemies, and become the best Pirate or King. You will try any part of it. You are suggested to spin the fortune wheel to earn your loot. You can win it by landing on coins. Build your powerful villages, complete your missions, and move up in levels. You are surrounded by Vikings which will attack you, and you have to battle defending your settlements. At the same time, you can earn coins through the slot machine as well as you can steal it.

Your purpose is to become as rich as you can to succeed in this game.  And remember, the treasures are everywhere. Just learn how to find them. Collect the cards to complete sets, and they will provide the loot which will allow you to go to the next village. Every next village brings greater victories and higher score.

Difficulty: 8/10

There are a lot of functions here, including slot machines, earning coins, building and raiding villages. You can play alone and with friends. If you choose the latter, you will join the interactive Facebook community and find here like-minded persons. Together you will earn rewards, battle, and trade treasures. Your friends will support you in your attempts to become the next Coin Master. If you feel that you are lacking complicity, you can buy additional challenges. In-app purchases are available.


This game is based heavily on a virtual slot machine. Spinning brings you raids, attacks, coins, and more. Here treasure in the form of coins is the key goal. There are secondary features like village-building where you spend your coins to upgrade settlements gaining stars which allow you to move to the next level. In addition, you can buy chests with different trading cards which you should collect. Actually, this is a powerful sticking time killer without much difficulty and thoughts.


Graphics 10
Sound 10
Gameplay 9
Lasting Appeal 8