Dragon City

Dragon City review

Dragon City is a game that will appeal to lovers of city building simulators. Developers offer you to create a settlement and fill it with exotic inhabitants – dragons of 10 elements: earth, water, stone, nature, metal, electric, etc.

Graphics 9/10

The game has got very colorful graphics, pretty animation, and well-drawn locations. Here you will be able to visit snowy mountains, lava isles, and green jungles. It's important to note that all the types of dragons are designed differently: they have various shapes, colors, and attributes. Though picture in Dragon City is very juicy it doesn't irritate eyes. 

Controls 8/10

Controls in this strategy are standard for the genre. You will have to press on the screen to breed new pets and develop the settlement. During fights with real people, it will be necessary to control the movement of the dragon on the playing field and help the pet to belch fire to destroy dangerous rivals.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

In the game it is proposed to breed about 500 different dragons that will help to develop the city, set new records in the battles and get the throne of the Dragon Lord. Every week new creatures appear here. Numerous quests, which are distinguished by the dynamic, elaborated plot component, can be performed. 

After your pet grows strong enough, you can put it on the arena. This is a great place to train a dragon, and at the same time to earn experience points. In addition, the arena will also bring a monetary reward to the owner of the "fighter". In most battles, your opponents will be real players. Such an approach makes combats even more interesting and makes you concentrate and carefully calculate.

After your army grows to 10 "fighters", you will be able to take part in combats with guests from another world. Winner of the tournament will receive a very generous reward.

The game is very fascinating and performing many tasks (there are more than 150), you will become a real "master of dragons".

Difficulty 7/10

When you first start Dragon City, you will get detailed instructions. They will show important points and intricacies of growing and taking care of baby dragons.

In fact, you will play not only the role of the owner, but also of the mentor. It will be necessary to collect and to train dragons. While they are small, no problems will arise. As time goes on, it will be necessary to make difficult decisions. 

You should not forget to constantly feed the dragons, as they must be strong and resilient. Over time, the settlement will grow. That's why you'll have to take care of food's preparation. Also, it will be necessary to place two individuals in caves where they will spend time on familiarity and reproduction.


The essence of the game is to breed dragons, intercross them and get new unusual types, buy and sell them, as well as train for combats if you are a fan of online battles. You are not alone and you can chat online with friends, exchange gifts, organize competitions, share resources, etc. Excellent graphics, fabulous music, and an exciting plot made it so that it is really impossible to break away from the game.


Graphics 5
Sound 5
Gameplay 5
Lasting Appeal 5