Episode - Choose Your Story

Episode - Choose Your Story review

Episode is an amazing game providing you with a chance to try various scenarios of your romance story. Here you will find anything from mystery to drama. You are a key character who should follow the written story, make choices, and find your own way to end it. There are over 100 000 variants and an option allowing you to create your own one.

Graphics: 9/10

Design is rather realistic with well-done animation. Beautiful people will interact laughing, crying, loving, hating, threatening, caring, and so on. The looks are stylish. The emotions are convincing. As to interface, it is simply intuitive.

Controls: 10/10

You will navigate with simple tapping. There is no difficulty at all. You will be suggested to choose a story on the Home page clicking on a correspondent picture and then follow the unfolding scenario. You are expected to tap on a preferable version of answers of the characters and watch. Still, if you feel you need some explanation, you can turn to the guide.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10

This game is packed with stories. You will find a lot of stunning options and possibilities here. Attend Kentwood Academy to learn to kiss. You will be suggested to kiss 10 of Kentwood's singles. If you choose a Love Life, you will immerse into romance in New York City. You will flirt with your partners, think over the strategy to attract them, building your true love in this city full of romance. There is a baby project where you are paired with a young student. Be careful to go off the head.
If you want to weave a plot, pay your attention to pretty little liars. Here everybody lies and blackmails. Allow you to dream and start for a tour with a superstar where you will be a fan, a friend, and a lover if you are smart enough. The stories are added every week.

Difficulty: 8/10

The game is comprehensive and will be for pleasure and not as a challenge for you to master your reaction or skills. We would not say it is difficult, but it is diverse and highly replayable. You should customize your avatar and think over your outfit. There are various characters, including your lovers and rivals. You should develop relationships with them achieving your goals. You are suggested to make choices which change ending. This fact improves replayability and will never make you bored. You can use different phrases you think appropriate to the situation and see how the story continues. It is easy and addicting, no difficulties at all. You can write your own story and publish it on the platform. View how interesting it is for other players.


Episode is considered to be the largest collection of interactive stories in the world. You will hardly find the app with the same purpose and such wide diversity. Here you can dictate your own destiny. Use it as entertainment or even as a kind of dating simulator.


Graphics 5
Sound 5
Gameplay 5
Lasting Appeal 5