Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a multiplatform computer game in the action-adventure genre. This is the legendary sequel to the popular Grand Theft Auto series. The scene of action is in the city of Los Santos. For the first time, the game will tell the story of three characters at once: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

Graphics 10/10

GTA V offers the most modern and complete graphics and design of the game. Incredibly realistic structures are scattered around the city, and you can't even believe that this is a virtual world. Business centers, rivers, and subways are all united in one huge metropolis of Los Santos. Perfect detailed and clean picture structures let you enjoy the game and just admire it. Everything looks like it was painted by a professional artist.

Controls 10/10

One of the most important parameters is to optimize the game for various configurations. Even the owners of the weakest computers can count on the launch of this masterpiece. Control and physical behavior of cars at the usual GTA level, with hotkeys. 

Game Plot 10/10

The action of the fifth GTA, as you know, takes place in a new reality of Los Santos city. It came out almost like with the restart of Star Trek from JJ Abrams or reboots of comic series: the names are the same, the places are the same, but everything is different. 

Freedom of action is an integral part of GTA 5. After another robbery, you can go and celebrate this event at the bar or go to the beach and take a dip in the warm pool. There are also various types of activities here, such as tennis, cycling, yoga, triathlon, training in the gym, or racing on ATVs and other equipment. Or you can jump from an airplane, open a parachute and soar over the city, watching how it lives its life. 

Each of the three new characters has problems and affairs; however, the fate of the creators will bring them together. It will only depend on you whether all three characters survive until the end of the main plot or calmly drink a martini and grow old destined only one.  You can choose whether to control the helicopter as Trevor, whether to land with Michael or cover your partners with Franklin.

Worth a Repay? 10/10

This game is a hit of all times and peoples. It has impressed us with a lively game world. So it happened with Grand Theft Auto V. Find out the recommended requirements for launching GTA 5 and immerse yourself in this unique world of chaos and permissiveness.

Play the Legendary Game with New Characters

Everything that Grand Theft Auto is loved for has become bigger and cooler, but most importantly, the gameplay offers so many opportunities for virtual entertainment that surpasses real life. A new graphics engine is used, raising the quality of graphics and effects to a modern level.



  • Nature of the city is a paradise for eyes
  • The three main characters made the game better in everything
  • Great soundtrack as always.


  • Not all tasks are equally good
  • Of the three endings, only two are logical.
Graphics 10
Sound 9
Gameplay 10
Lasting Appeal 10