Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode review

Minecraft has been fun and entertainment for almost 10 years in a row! We saw a kaleidoscope of grotesque structures and oddball artifacts created by the players. There have been clans and wars, duels and stealthy mischief. And of course, there has been an infinite butthurt…

Yes, Minecraft saw it all but still up to this day there was no adventurous story unfolding in this cuboid realm. 

Telltale Games came just in time to right that wrong.

The saga begins…

Gameplay and Graphics 5/5 

Meet Jesse – your avatar in that epic adventure. Jesse can be a dude or a chick – it depends on your personal preferences. Even Jesse’s ethnicity is alterable hence he/she may have different skin color.

Jesse, combining efforts with the best friends Olivia and Axel, tries to win a competition of builders hosted in their hometown every year. However, while being on a mission of not being a failure, our fabulous trio figures out that the world’s destiny is hanging by a thread and there’s no one else but them to save it.

Like all epic sagas, the entire game consists of numerous volumes: 2 seasons with 13 episodes in total.

To provide you with first-rate entertainment the developers designed pretty idiosyncratic gameplay concept that consists of such elements as:

  • Interactive movie – seriously the plot and action themselves are enthralling. I personally wouldn’t be skimpy about paying to watch it as a movie. It’s professional and even hilarious.
  • Decision-making – I don’t want to spoil it for you, but you should know that the decisions you make and the way you react to what your buddies have to say greatly affects the game. There are emotional gradations of the responses you make, and every single one has its consequences.
  • Hardcore action – at some point you’ll need swift reflexes of a well-seasoned ninja in order to tap rapidly to avoid Jesse getting devoured by hungry monsters. Occasionally you’ll have to make goulash out of a zombie or two.
  • Free roam – although the mode has its strict storyline you still get to explore the world around you a bit. With its curiosities and wonders.
  • Puzzle-solving – you’ll have to beat numerous puzzles ever so often which will award you with stuff necessary for further progression (e.g. weapons).

Monumental gameplay indeed… and continues

Sounds and Story 5/5 

Apart from Jesse, each central character has a story to tell and a quest to offer to you. And of course, there’s Rueben! He’s the little cute companion of our dream team who manifests his presence by grunting and oinking.

The plot is very well developed and animated by the presence of legendary voice-actors including Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) and Billy West (Fillip J. Fry).

About 50% of all your time spent in the game will be consumed by watching cutscenes. But hold your lamentations! These cutscenes are not any worse than a full-scale cartoon produced by Pixar or even Disney.

Technical Part 4/5

The technical part of the Story Mode is seamless as well – you won’t suffer from any glitches, and the controls are as smooth as peanut butter. The game mechanics are based on the point-and-click method so you won’t have to worry about its ergonomics. It runs on iOS and Android.

Cash Rules Everything Around Us

Nonetheless, Game Mode caused controversy in the fan community. The developers, just like experienced dope-pushers, offer the first part to download for free. Meanwhile, the rest of the game costs $5 an episode. Btw, a whole bundle (season) is cheaper. 

What you know, they need to make a living too, duh. But at least the game is free from ads – what a relief.  Minecraft: Story Mode is a beautiful adventure that will keep you staring at the screen of your device even if you never played Minecraft before.


Graphics 10
Sound 9
Gameplay 10
Lasting Appeal 9