Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro review

With the Photo Editor Pro, we can enhance, retouch and create incredible effects for images taken with Android mobile. The latest version of Photo Editor Pro (Apk download 2.53) is available on the Google Play store. You can also download for free other Apk versions. 

Interface 4/5

Photo Editor Pro has a very interactive, simple and easy to use interface. Upon launching the apk, you get an image box, camera (orange), albums (blue), photo grid option (green), and more apps button (pink). Scroll through the pictures on the image box and tap on the one you want to edit. The different photo editing tools you’d expect are all available in an instant from the splash page.

Features and Tools 4/5

The latest version has multiple editing tools that create fantastic effects. Here are the tools and features that make the Photo Editor Pro a leading editing Android app.

  • Auto Enhance 

With one tap, the enhance tool can improve an image’s lighting and background as well as make the colors pop. 

  • Excellent filters, frames, and effects

Photo Editor Pro has top-notch editing tools that give a desirable and professional finishing. One can add filters, crop out some parts, and beautiful frames.

  • Convenient on Android Tabs

Other editing tools worth noting are the transform that lets us tilt or straighten a picture, the meme creator, splash, whitener, text, and draw. Also, one can adjust the color temperature, brightness, and saturation as well as sharpen and blur an image.

  • Built-in Photo Collage

I was able to achieve the look achieve any look I wanted with the app’s photo collage within minutes

Usability 4/5 

This app for all Android devices is convenient and easy to use. No set up procedures for this app. Once installed, one can begin editing the pictures.  Photo Editor Pro automatically links the most recent images taken or downloaded using the phone. As such, I could scroll through all the images hassle free. Even though there is no tutorial on the app, it is possible to navigate through the various tools to achieve the look one wants.

Devices 2/5

The Photo Editor pro is an app for all Android devices with Android 4.0 or above. Unfortunately, the app does not work with other operating systems such as iOS, Mac, and Windows


Most smartphones have basic editing tools that allow us to add filters, adjust brightness, frame an image, and change backgrounds among others. The Photo Editor Pro contains almost similar tools but also has a variety. Unlike with regular smartphone tools, the Photo Editor Pro allows us to edit in record time and give a professional feature. In-app purchases help enhance the pictures further. Given that the app is free to download, I think it is a great bargain even without the additional purchases. Download the most recent update for Google Android to enjoy multiple benefits of the Photo Editor Pro.


  • One-touch auto-enhance tool
  • Easy to use
  • Speedy editing.


  • Some tools are not readily available for free
  • No ‘undo’ or settings button
  • Still lacks premium tools for advanced editing.
Interface and Design 8
Key Functions 9
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 5