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ROBLOX review

Roblox is a game client that lets you play many games on your phone. Roblox is remarkably popular among the kids. They can play with one another, finish levels, create their maps. Roblox allows you to do anything you desire. There are lots of game modes, so that it will require a while to play with them. Or play casual amounts, by way of instance, racing or puzzles.

What's Roblox?

Roblox is a game client. You have to download it, and after that, you can choose a game mode to play with. For instance, you can perform with a Zombie mode where players must kill zombies or conceal from them. You can enter a shooter degree, where many players compete with one another. All these modes have exclusive maps that were created by players. You will find far more game modes. For example, should you not like shooting, you can race in cars, helicopters, planes. You might also play a Jailbreak mode, become a superhero and fight with other players, and so on. There are hundreds of game modes with thousands of unique maps. And of course, you can make your maps. Just show your creativity!

The graphics in Roblox are cartoon-like. A lot of individuals may not like it. The game is old, and it had been released over a decade ago. But it is still interesting to perform with. The images aren't blurred. Some objects are observable. We should also mention the lighting effects. Even though the game is old, the lighting effects look pretty realistic. All in all, you will get used to images.

Is It Safe to Play Roblox?

The Roblox client is safe, and there are no viruses in it. However, to make the game safe for kids, developers added a distinctive chat filter. With its help, people are not going to have the ability to use powerful language. It's safe to perform Roblox because people cannot insult each other in the chat. You can also contact with moderators and inform them about the bad behavior of a certain player or merely report on a certain problem.

Summary 4/5

We recommend you to play with Roblox, particularly if you want to kill a while together with friends. The game is free. However, it requires an Internet connection. You can play many game styles here or make your own. Also, developers do their best to make a friendly neighborhood. You can report on various bugs or toxic players to moderators. Roblox uses cartoon-like graphics, so some people may not like this. Overall, Roblox is worth your attention in case you do not have any game to play.

Graphics 5
Sound 5
Gameplay 5
Lasting Appeal 5


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