Fortnite review

Fortnite is a famous battle-royale game, where you need to defeat all your opponents and be the king of the mountain. The game mechanics are the same as in another battle-royale job, but programmers added some unique features to create Fortnite more intriguing and gripping. One hundred players on a large map have to kill each other and move to the secure region, which will be marked in your mini-map. If you neglected to get to the secure place, you'd most likely die by the game world. But if you managed to proceed to the safe area, you intend to keep alive as long as possible. To protect yourself from the bullets, developers provided you with an opportunity to develop several structures. Players can build walls, stairs, roofs, and other items to be able to safeguard themselves. To build these structures, you will need resources, such as metal, wood, and rock. The more funds you have, the stronger construction will be. You can even fix your construction if it was ruined.

But programmers decided not to stop on battle-royale game style. A not too long time ago, they added a creative mode in Fortnite. Creative mode allows players to develop various maps and buildings. Then players can share their maps with different players. Creative manner allows many people to reveal their imagination and unwind after a few dynamic battle-royale mode matches.

The images in Fortnite aren't bad. Developers did not make realistic images and models. We can surely say that Fortnite utilizes cartoon-like graphics. Nevertheless, all objects and models are clearly visible. Each weapon appears unique. Additionally, programmers did their best and created realistic gun noises.

Technical questions

Fortnite is readily available for download on iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The game is free to play, so that you may download it everywhere and play it with friends and family as much as you desire. However, there are a number of in-game buys. For example, you can purchase a conflict pass that will provide you with additional content. You'll get various skins, unique moves, etc... All these additional features will not affect the gameplay. Fortnite was released in 2017, and more than a hundred million people play with this game.

Summary 5/5

We recommend you to play with Fortnite, especially if you're a fan of a battle-royale genre. The game has its specific features, and that is why it became so common. You can play together with your buddies, create a squad with arbitrary players, or play solo. The matches here are lively and lasts no longer than for 30 minutes.

Graphics 9
Sound 9
Gameplay 10
Lasting Appeal 10