Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger review

Do you often call your friends and relatives from all over the world? Use Viber to make communication cheaper! You will get the opportunity to make free audio and video, send messages, photos and video content for free.

Interface 5/5

The interface is very convenient, great for daily use. Purple and white colors are predominant. The design is stylish, better than in similar messengers.

From the main page, you can go to:

  • chats (conversations) – here the avatars of your interlocutors are displayed, and the last sent messages are near them;
  • contacts – all contacts from your Android mobile that have an account in Viber are displayed here;
  • calls – a full list of the last completed and missed calls is opened.
  • The interface is easy and understandable.

Features 5/5

You can call from America to Africa from India to Russia or Australia. Viber allows you to make any calls between cities and countries. You do not need to make any settings to call a friend from another state. You have many opportunities: you can send voice messages and short videos (no longer than 30 seconds). In this case, all calls are in HD quality sound! All recorded and sent content is protected by end-to-end encryption.

Fans of emoticons particularly like features and capabilities of Viber. In the messenger, there is a wonderful store in which you can download various stickers. Also, you can record short animated movies with interesting characters, change your voice when recording. So communication becomes more fun!

You can add reliable interlocutors to contacts and block unpleasant people, thereby depriving them of the opportunity to write and call you. You can delete the message or all the chat with this person. Also, you can just hide the conversation.

Performance and User Experience 4/5

There are many stickers on this Android app. There are paid and free stickers among them, often there are updates. You can communicate with family and friends through text messages, voice and video. And it's all for free! You need only the device, the downloaded application and access to the Internet for communication. All sent messages and the history of correspondence can be read offline.

You can support group talk, communicate in public chats.

Devices Compatibility 4/5

This device can be safely downloaded to devices with an operating system:

  • Google Android – the operating system should be 2.1 and till the latest version.
  • iOS – the operating system is iPhone or iPad should be 4.3 and higher.
  • BlackBerry – the operating system 4.6, 4.7, 5, 6, or 7.
  • Windows Phone – operating system 7.5 and higher.    
  • Viber can be used on phones, tablets, computers, and other devices.


Viber is a universal application for communication. It is free, convenient, and economical. It can be downloaded to devices on any platform and go online from any phone, tablet, computer or another device. You do not have to spend a lot of traffic or money to use this application. It's better to prefer other tools for video chats if you have a weak connection. Otherwise, the conversation will constantly be interrupted, and this is not very convenient. Viber offers you a lot of fun. You can find useful public chat rooms and fun games here.


  • Voice and video calls, messages anywhere in the world are free of charge
  • Do not need to be authorized each time
  • Many additional features: stickers, cartoon characters, games
  • Push-notifications that inform you when messages are received, even when you are offline
  • It's free to download.


  • You need a high-quality connection to make calls
  • Many stickers are paid.
Interface and Design 10
Key Functions 10
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 9